Completed Courses

Spring 04

18745 Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems with Asim Smailagic and Dan Siewiorek
18545 Advanced Digital Design Project with JoAnn Paul
18725 Digital Integrated Circuit Design with Maly and Rutenbar
18879 Multi-Agent Systems with Talukdar and Morel
33107 Physics for Engineers II with Sachan

Fall 03

15213 Introduction to Computer Systems with O'Hallaron
16597 Undergraduate Research for Illah
18349 Intro to Embedded Systems with Raj and Priya
70415 Entrepreneurship I with Culbertson who is awesome

Summer 03 @ Tridenttech.Edu

85102 General Psychology
73001 Macro Economics
00000 Public Speaking
79001 American History to 1877
80100 Introduction to Philosophy
36106 University Physics 1
88102 American Government
70001 Intro to International Business

Spring 03

Internship At Advanced Micro Devices : No School

Fall 02

18322 Analysis and Design of Digital Circuits with: Professors Stojwas and Marculescu
18331 Junior Projects (Research) with: My Man Nourbakhsh
18347 Intro to Computer Architecture with: Professor Schmidt
18483 Civilian & Military Applications of Space with: Professor Morel
24354 General Robotics with: Professor Choset

Spring 02

18396 Signals and Systems with: Professor Bhagavatula (Kumar)
18778 Mechatronic Design with: Professors Dolan and Fedder
39245 Rapid Prototyping Design with: Professor Finger
88340 Economics of Entrepreneurship In Hi-Tech Industries with: Professor Cohen

Fall 01

16362 Mobile Robotics Programming Lab with: Professor Nourbakhsh
18220 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering with: tom Sullivan
18240 Fundamentals of Computer Engineering with: Professor Thomas
36220 Engineering Statistics and Quality Control with: Professor Shmueli
88220 Policy Analysis with: Professor Weber

Spring 01

15211 Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms with: Professor Weisser
21228 Discrete Math with: Professor Frieze
21241 Matrix Algebra with: Professors Pisztora and Bohman
27100 Materials In Engineering with: Professor De Graef
76101 Interpretation& Argument with: Dr Zdenek

Fall 00

18100 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering with: Tom Sullivan
21125 Maple Lab with: Professor Nicolaides
21127 Concepts of Mathematics with: Professor Grossberg
21260 Differential Equations with: Professor Handron
73100 Principles of Economics with: Professor Klepper



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