Governor's School Pictures

GSSM Group -

the gang

Bryce Howard and Jeff Young

Bryce frisbee-defends Jeff

David Padgett and Jennifer Bussell

David and Jennifer

Peter Zhang's Messy Room

Somebody's got a messy room

Dr G. Teaches Physics

Dr. G - wonderphysicist

Meredith and Peter Zhang

Meredith and me

Peter Zhang, AJ Franz and Adam Weaver

Me, AJ, and Adam

Adam gets decked by AJ

Adam gets decked by AJ

Peter Zhang finally Graduates 2000


Katie Folz and Dr. Bill

Katie and Dr. Bill

Chilling Outside at GSSM

Chilling outdoors

Daniel Binuya, Mitch Frye, James Donaldson and Carl Johnson

Daniel, Mitch, James and Carl

Zach, Sarah, Me, Ashley, Adam and Beth

some reception

Sarah and Katie

Sarah and Katie

The Suite

the Suite upstairs

Standing on Dr. Smith

Standing on Dr. Smith

Peter Zhang Soccer

Running Circles Around the Defense

Katie and Me

Katie and Me


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