CMU232: Serial Data Tool and Servo Controller

I created CMU232 while working in the Nourbakhsh Lab. It has been field tested already in a class using trikebots, and will become commercially available shortly.

CMU232 in action

CMU232 is a new low-cost, low-power serial smart switch for serial data communications. It is intended for use by hobbyists to control multiple devices that use the RS232 protocol while only using one serial line. It essentially acts as a multiplexer for serial data, switching between three possible slave devices.

CMU232 also has a variety of other modes and options that are tremendously useful for hobbyists looking to satisfy all their serial data needs. Many of functions of the CMU232 are currently available as commercial products separately at up to 10x the cost of CMU232.

For a quick overview of CMU232, click here to download a .pdf document detailing its abilities.

A previous version of the CMU232, also known as the Divorce Deity, has been used successfully on trikebot robots.

For more information on the CMU232, check out the website.

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