Nourbakhsh Lab

I work on the Personal Rover Project. I have been working on the electronic components for the personal rover since May 2002. The personal rover is a programmable robot capable of doing some pretty advanced stuff. Check out the Official Personal Rover Project Webpage here.

our Personal Rover Personal Rover attempts to kill dog/pillow

I get to work on so many fun projects as a result of being around this lab.

Below is a picture of me at my workstation with a famous vanilla coke. You can see an ancient relic of a robot to the left of me.

Peter Zhang at the Nourbakhsh Lab

Somebody found some ultra bright LEDS!

Ultra Bright LEDs!

After a long soldering session of putting together what seemed liked millions of CMUcams (created by Anthony Rowe), we arrange them in pretty formations possibly because we are going insane.

CMUcam Tank   A CMUcam Army

So much stuff goes on inside our lab that it is impossible to document it all. However, I do recommended checking out the websites of some of my friends in our lab:

Anthony Rowe - CMUcam inventor, Mobot winner extroadinaire.

Adam Goode - worked on GRACE and now Mulberry HCI



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