Congratulations, you've reached the portion of the website where I show you one of my major interests. I thoroughly enjoy working in the robotics field. Here is some of the stuff that I've done.

  • CMU232
    This is a serial communication device I created. It offers numerous functions for the robotic hobbyist. CMU232 will be commercially available shortly.
  • Personal Rover Project
    I work with the Personal Rover Project in the Nourbakhsh Lab. I usually end up getting involved in numerous robotic activities as a result of being around the wonderful people in our lab.
  • Mobot 2002
    Mobot is a competition for an autonomous line following robot. The competition is held annually at Carnegie Mellon University. Our entry received the 2nd place award in 2002, and I am planning to enter in 2004
  • Mechatronic Design MEMS Chip Placement
    We designed and implemented an autonomous MEMS chip placement system. This system will pick out die on silicon wafer and place them into separate containers automatically.
  • USAR (Urban Search and Rescue)
    A small quick and successful, Lego robot that we happened to take a few pictures of.
  • Technological Pranks
    Robots may have committed these hacks.

Visit these websites

I'm not going to bore you by listing the same digikey type links that you get on every single robotics site that's ever been created. Instead, here are some guys that do some really great robotic stuff so go and look at it.

Chuck Rosenberg - Chuck is one of my coadvisors and knows almost everything about robotics.

Illah Nourbakhsh - Illah advises and pays me and heads up some big robot stuff. He teaches one of the great undergraduate robotics courses, Mobile Robotics Programming Lab.

Bob Grabowski - I was lucky enough to have Bob as a TA for mechatronic design. Go check out their millibots.


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